February 15th, 2015

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Oh my god, I cannot tell you how happy "The Librarians" makes me. Premise: there is a library of magical objects run by Noah Wyle chewing up the scenery in Tenth Doctor mode and a very prissy John Larroquette, and they are responsible for training the new crop of librarians and making sure magic things don't fall into the hands of the poor man's Malcolm McDowell. This is like a show made just for me; it's just so goofy and cheerful and cheesy, and is about fantasy librarians.
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The other show I love lately is "Forever." It's mostly just another New York City-based police procedural, but Ioan Gruffudd is beautiful and sometimes you just need that eye candy. But I like the characters, and the acting and writing are pretty good for what it is. I thought that I could guess how an episode I'd mostly missed went just from the last fifteen minutes. When I watched the whole thing online, I had the broad strokes right, but there was a lot of developments and character interactions that I missed. I love the relationship between Ioan's character and Judd Hirsch's. There seems to be genuine affection between them, and the writing seems to respect them both, instead of just making Hirsch's character an annoying sidekick.

Also the premise is that his character is immortal and comes back to life naked in a body of water after he dies, so the possibility of Ioan Gruffudd showing some skin is always worth watching for.